Hour of Code

During Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 7 – 13), ARIS hosted an Hour of Code event, during which pupils worked on 60 minute online programming tutorials. Having been exposed to computer science concepts in the past and to terms such as programming, algorithms, and debugging, pupils needed no introductions! Most of the children chose the Mine Craft themed tutorial, the girls wanted to solve riddles with Anna and Elsa from Frozen, and others built a galaxy in Star Wars. IMG_0225.JPG

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path.

Younger pupils in Year 1 and 2, participated in “unplugged” Hour of Code activities, programming floor robots targeting their directional, estimation, and sequencing skills, as well as having lots of fun!

Pupils were thrilled receiving  certificates of participation signed by the founder of  Code.org  Hadi Partovi.

Yours Truly,
M. Hamedi



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