Our Book on Transportation

Our Book on Transportation ”, is what we called the album of original artwork we worked on for the past 5 weeks in Year 1.

In integration, with the PYP unit “How We Organize Ourselves”, Year 1 children used a drawing program to illustrate their favorite means of transportation. 

During the unit, children developed their confidence in using Paint as their drawing program immensely; bit by bit, they started recognizing and naming the different parts of the program, use the mouse to draw lines and shapes, fill shapes with color, put shapes together to make a picture and add illustrative text to their drawing.


From red London style buses, helicopters and hot air balloons, to slim bicycles, airplanes in the sky, trains, buses, and trucks on the road, our little artists proved to be risk takers in their use of the software and their choice of lines and colors!

“I enjoyed the unit a lot, I learned how to draw using the computer and how to use text, I also got to know the storybook app.”- Gia 1A

Aisha 1aWe wrapped up the unit by looking at our collaborative work, and how it was assembled on storybook.com; we reflected, thought about what went well and what could be improved, and finally filled in self-assessment forms.

IMG_1572 (2)
Reflecting on our drawings
Self-assessment forms

Check out Our Book on Transportation and tell us what you think!

Yours Truly,
M. Hamedi






2 thoughts on “Our Book on Transportation

  1. Lovely work!!! Am so proud of my Son’s work. Thank you so much Madam Maya for all the hard work and patience with our kids.💟


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