Becoming Visual Storytellers

For “How We Express Ourselves” unit of inquiry in Year 5, we chose to plan, shoot, and edit films on the theme of “Bullying”.

In the past 5 weeks, Year 5 children worked rigorously on their films, switching between the different roles involved in movie making: they became storyboard illustrators, script writers, camera boys and girls, directors, and movie editors producing 8 short films: The Bullies Gone, Bully Busters, The Big Bad Bully, Ninjas Strike, Why Bully, Bullies Stay Here, Expel the Bullies, and The 3 Bullies. The films succeed to depict different bullying situations: physical, emotional, and cyber bullying; they also show the consequences that bullies have to face, and how bad bullied children feel.

“Making the movie was good, even though team work was challenging. I learned that effects are important because they make the movie better. For next time, I hope we have different themes for our group films, instead of all of us working on the same idea.” – Jayden

Divided in teams, the children started off by planning their films through an illustrated storyboard.

Storyboard writing
Storyboard Writing


Later on, the actors, directors, and camera boys/girls moved to different areas in the school. They practiced on the use of the video cameras they were equipped with (Canon PowerShot A810), and shot different scenes based on their storyboards. Moving back to class, the children used Windows Movie Maker to edit their clips and add titles, few teams had enough time to to add music.

“It was really fun! Even if it didn’t turn out exactly the way we want it to… Next time we’ll choose a quiet place to shoot” – Jennah

We ended the unit by watching the films and reflecting on what could have been done better. Also, the children did a peer assessment engagement where they were given rubrics to assess the work of their peer film makers.

“The Big Bad Bully was very interesting and the actors did a great job!” – May

Engaging in Peer Assessment
Peer Assessment

Watch our films on the ARIS Primary ICT YouTube channel and tell us what you think!

Yours truly,
M. Hamedi


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