Book or Web?

For the past 5 weeks, Year 2 children led an inquiry into public spaces, –physical and virtual, as part of their PYP unit “How We Organize Ourselves”.  Under this theme, ICT was called in to facilitate the virtual aspect of the unit.

First, we started by learning more about the web as a public space, a long discussion led us to think about the Internet and the Web to be very similar to a library, in fact, the web is the largest library on the planet!

So, we went on to cut out and color caterpillar bookmarks to use for books we get from the library; however, since information on the web is organized into web sites rather than books, we need virtual bookmarks to pin out our favorite web sites…

Caterpillar Bookmarks
Caterpillar Bookmarks

For 2 weeks, the children led a web search, using child-friendly search engines, to find websites with images and information about insects. Then they got to experiment with an “Add to delicious” button they had on their browser’s toolbar. The ‘Delicious’ bookmarking service allows users to save, tag, and share links of interest, making it a bookmarking service with a sense of community and collaboration. Some children were also able to add tags to their saved links.

Doing a web search 3
Searching the Web
Our Delicious Bookmarks

Later on in the unit, the children got to experiment with social networks: using my credentials, we went to check the school’s web page on Facebook, we liked and commented on some posts there. We also went to Pinterest and got a feel of how images can be pinned to  virtual boards, and we checked Instagram and the tags associated with images there. Finally, with the assistance of the IT team, we got to project a Whats App chat on the board and the children took turns in typing messages and using emoji 🙂 !

Whats App Texting
Checking the ARIS page on Face Book

Tell us what you think!

Your Truly,
M. Hamedi

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