Giving Survey Monkey a Try

During the “How we organize ourselves” UOI, year 3 children designed and developed an online survey on

As their unit’s big idea is organizations, Year 3B wanted to find out how staff in the school felt about working in ARIS and how it has effected them. 3A opted for a more general question, inquiring about what makes an organization successful.

The children started off by designing survey questions with their home room teachers. Later on, ICT came in to discuss options for running the survey and introduced survey monkey to the children.

Survey questions before typing them into surveymonkey


Later on, the children took turns building up questions on the survey design page and explored different types of online survey questions from the builder section, like single text box and multiple choice questions.

Yanis typing questions in surveymonkey

Afterwards, we used surveymonkey’s collector option, where a web link to the survey was generated; we used email to send out the link and waited for responses. A week later, children were eager to look at the results! We took some time reading the answers and looking at the graphs survey monkey generated for the multiple choice questions.

Below are some screenshots of our surveys on

3B survey screenshot

3A survey screenshot

3B survey results screenshot 1

Let us know what you think!

Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi






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