We Don’t Just Play Games, We Program Them Too!

Our year 6 children are very enthusiastic towards programming! They were very happy to hear that we’ll be doing a stand-alone ICT unit in parallel with their UOI allowing them to practice their scripting skills further before starting their exhibition unit.We started off by getting our sprites and backdrops ready in Scratch. The idea was to make a program with many sprites moving on the screen; the game should be programmed to sense the position of the sprites and keep track of the score and time.

Programming buddies

Scratch is a very useful software that helps you crack our mind a little bit! – Keli


Throughout the engagement, the children learned a lot: they used scripting blocks from the events, control, sensing, motion, looks, sounds, data and operators palettes.

I enjoyed programming the game. I learned different strategies, and maybe one day I’ll make an app. Programming games is more fun than playing them! – Ouma

The children chose different trigger events to start up their games, changed the size of the sprites, added motion and forever loops, duplicated repetitions, detected hits and used If…then blocks, kept track of score and added a timer.

Below are links to few of the children’s games published on the Scratch website.

Dodge the ball

Monkey VS Bananas

Apple Fight

Have fun, and let us know what you think!


Yours truly,
Maya H. Hamedi


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