Counting Pets, Year 1’s First Spreadsheet!

Under the “How the World Works” trans-disciplinary theme, Year 1 children made a spreadsheet about their favorite pets. We started by carrying a simple survey in class to find out what pets are the most popular. The children’s individual answers were stuck on a paper chart using post-its.

Next, we moved to the ICT room to transfer the data we collected into a spreadsheet: The children took their time exploring the software – Microsoft Excel, as it was their first time working with it. They were introduced to spreadsheet terminology like data, labels and cells, and challenged one another to find specific cells according to letter-number combination naming (A1, B3…).

At a later stage, the children were given an updated version of the spreadsheet with a graphical representation of their data. They discussed and answered questions like which pet is the most popular, least popular, comes in second place and the like. We took time editing the spreadsheet, playing with font colors and shading of the cells and graphs.

The unit ended with the children reflecting on their learning, pointing out the challenges they faced and filling self-assessment forms.


Here are some screenshots of our spreadsheets, let us know what you think!

Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi

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