Let’s Talk Information Literacy, CHECK.

As our year 6 students embarked on their exhibition unit, we had scheduled for a session on information literacy and credibility with them. The session took place on Tuesday May 10 in year 6 A, joining both year 6 groups together.

Madam Asantewaa -Year 1 A’s home room teacher and I, took the session: We started by asking the students to share what they know about information literacy. They filled the K and W of a KWL chart. (KWL stands for what I Know, what I Want to know and what I Learned)

KWL chart

Later on, we divided the students in groups. Each group was handed cut outs of the 5 elements of information literacy to put in order on a blank piece of paper. Some formed a cycle while others made a list. They then checked their answers and graded their work.

The 5 elements of information literacy

Next, the children did a think pair share engagement where they thought about different sources of information. Interesting sources they came up with were surveys, talking to seniors, friends and trips. We then filled a bubble chart.

Finally, the students watched two videos from Youtube on information credibility: Why can’t I just Google? and Evaluating web sites. They know understand what credible information is and how to be critical about what they read online. They reflected on their learning by filling what I learned of our initial KWL chart.

We cannot totally rely on what we find on the internet, any body can write anything there and deceive us…Kerry



A group photo!

Let us know what you think!

Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi

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