Test Your Knowledge!

In integration with “Where We Are in Place and Time” UOI, year 5 children programmed educational games in Scratch.

As the unit’s big idea is explorations, the children decided to program a challenge asking questions and keeping score about famous explorers and explorations.

Working in pairs, the children came up with four questions, some already had the right answers, while others used the web to find them out.



We then came up with a game story board and went to the ICT lab. The children were very creative in their choice of sprites and backgrounds and had structured coding following the storyboard.


The children used different command blocks from the events, control, sensing, operators and data palettes, implemented IF conditional blocks, and programmed the score to increment as the player answers questions correctly.

screenshot 1
Game anatomy

Are you up to the challenge? Test your knowledge with Chadi and AliYara and Hamied or Aline and Jayden‘s challenges!


Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi


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