Spreadsheet Maths

During the past 6 weeks, our year 3 children worked on the theme of handling data. They did a fantastic job making spreadsheet maths in Microsoft Excel!

The children started by exploring the software and getting comfortable with the tool bar, different tabs and cell referencing. We challenged one another to find cells, given cell co-ordinates made of alpha-numerical combinations.


Later, we moved on to fill certain cells with labels, children differentiated between labels and values, and got creative changing labels’ font style, size, color and shading.

Entering and editing labels

Then it was time to enter values in the spreadsheet, children set up their numbers for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They were left to explore keyboard keys relevant for the project: +  – = * /


Last, the children explored how spreadsheet formulas calculate answers, and how to use that possibility to work out answers for a whole set of numbers. As a class, we worked on the addition and subtraction formulas using cell referencing as well as dragging formulas to cover whole sets.


Working independently, the children worked out multiplication and division formulas. They did a wonderful job and felt very proud of their spreadsheets! Check them out:

karolis screenshot

sc khushant

sc chanel

Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi

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