Exhibition: ICT pitches in

In a PYP school, the culmination of primary school learning is the exhibition unit, in which students carry out an extended, collaborative inquiry. The exhibition synthesizes the essential elements of the program: knowledge, trans-disciplinary skills, concepts, attitudes and action.

As our inquirers embarked on their exhibition journey, many ICT tools that we believe could support the learning of our  PYPians’ came up on the table.

Online surveys

Some groups created an online survey using survey monkey because if its flexibility in supporting different questions types, collecting answers, and generating visual representations of the results.The groups involved sent out a web link for their surveys using their school emails and analyzed results on the sport as they came in.

Surveymonkey ss

Film Making

Some groups decided to make short films to send a certain message. We used the school digital cameras for shooting and Windows movie maker for editing, narrating, adding music as well as credits. ARIS, a discrimination free zone is a wonderful short film made by Keli, Kassem and Ouma on the issue of discrimination.

film making ss


Canva provides beautiful graphics that can be picked out according to a theme in mind. Our exhibitors used it frequently to create posters and flyers while others used Microsoft Publisher for the purpose. The children had to be critical when choosing colors, fonts and themes and adjusting them to better serve the message they want to depict.

no one

we are onewe are one KASSEMkeli

The exhibition process took our entire school into a wonderful journey where we got to learn more about pressing issues and how to take action towards making the world a better place.
To our senior PYP-ians, I say thank you for letting me be part of your exhibition process and learning journey. You will forever be in my heart (L).

Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi

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