Year 5’s Dream Jobs

For the last 6 weeks of our children’s stay in year 5, we planned to tackle the theme of blogging with what entitles of content creation, sharing and being responsible digital citizens. Then, it has been brought to my attention that our year 5 are already eloquent in the area, and most of them already blog! And as they haven’t had prior experience with data handling in a spreadsheet yet, we agreed as a class to change our plan: We made a spreadsheet of our dream jobs!

We started off by running a survey in the class about what the children want to become when they grow up. I suggested some of the jobs like, doctor, computer programmer and parent, while the children added others like footballer, artist and business owner. Here are our survey results:

Afterwards, we decided to transfer our data to the computer using a spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel. The children understood the difference between values and labels, entered their data and carried out simple text formatting in their cells.


Later on, we discussed what visual representation of data is, and how it promotes a better understanding of figures in general. The children were left to explore the insert tab and how to select data to include in a column chart. One of them, being able to complete the task independently, demonstrated to the class how to use the insert tab, select the chart option and pick one of the styles available.


Here’s a column chart showing year 5’s dream job distribution! Let us know what you think!


Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi

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