Year 1 can type!

During the past 6 weeks, our youngest PYPians –the Year1, experimented with word processing and learned how to open a new file, name it and save it on the desktop, as well as opening a previously saved file. Also, they started using the space bar, backspace and enter keyboard keys.

Our children were already aware of how the mouse controls the cursor, and that the cursor can be moved to a position on the screen to activate a command by clicking on it. Most of them were able to open a Microsoft Word file on their own, while few needed assistance. The children noticed the blinking cursor on the screen and started typing some words. Having the font size too little, they followed instructions to change the font size and color of their text.


To introduce the planned keys, the children were left to type on their own. And as they encountered problems like making mistakes, attaching words together or needing space for better readability, the backspace, enter key and space bar were introduced. The children used them well in place!


To end the unit, we agreed to type the names of the different parts of the computer: screen, mouse, keyboard, speakers as well as printer.

Check out our text!


Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi

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