Googling celebrations in Year 4

Year 4 students started the academic year with “Where we are in place & time” UOI. The unit deals with celebrations around the world, and students came to the ICT lab to find out more about rare festivals they have picked up with their home room teachers.

To start with, we discussed a few technical terms used in the context of web search. Browser, search engine and the web were mentioned: students could name different browsers like Safari and Firefox as well as search engines like Google and Bing. Then, we discussed child friendly search engines; most students could remember using  Google Junior and Kidrex in year 3 for more age-appropriate results.


For the web quest, students were given a checklist to help them organize their findings on the spot. The checklist included the when, where, how and why of a celebration as well as a space for interesting facts.


Working in pairs, the children developed their note taking skills, and registered their findings on paper. Also, some students extended their learning and used Wikipedia to save images about the celebration.

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To end the unit, issues of web content consumption and reliability were highlighted. Students watched a short video shedding the light on the credibility of the web, and how to work out whether a web site is helpful, sponsored, credible or not. Stay tuned for more!

Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi