Working with text in Year 2

During their first ICT unit in 2015/16, year 2 students used their developing word-processing skills and growing experience of descriptive writing to present an image from the past in Microsoft Word. The unit was in parallel with “where we are in place and time” UOI.

At first, students would only explore the software and the tools available. They got to check the different tabs in the ribbon, and describe what they see on the screen.


In the week after, we discussed the term photo bank. Students followed instructions to insert a photo of an old electronic device into Microsoft Word using the photo bank folder installed on their work stations.


Later on, students started practicing their typing skills; they typed a sentence captioning the picture inserted and some went on describe it further.

Finally, the children insisted on changing the color and size of their text, so we went ahead to make our words look special by changing their font size and color. We practiced on the use of the select all shortcut (ctrl+A).

Here’s a sample of our work. Stay tuned for more!

Yours Truly,
Maya Hamedi

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