Year 3 Presents: The 5 Sense Organs

Through a PowerPoint presentation, Year 3 students introduced the 5 sense organs in parallel with the “Who We Are” UOI.

To find out more about the sense organs, students used the Web. And to narrow down their research, they were provided a PDF file containing topic specific web links suitable for their age.


Students were also given a piece of paper each, to note down 3 interesting facts about an organ of their choice. This helped them organize their findings and develop their note taking skills.

Once they were done with sourcing content, students started working on the slide show. They chose a theme for the presentation and added a title slide with their name as a subtitle. Students spent some time typing their findings in, each fact in a separate slide.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Moving on, students followed instructions to insert pictures. They used the insert tab and located the sense organ photo bank installed on their workstations.

Last, students learned to use the slideshow button to check their work in full screen mode, as well as the escape button to exit. Stay tuned for more!

Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi

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