As ARIS-primary held its second annual Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week, Year 6 students worked on  the Mine Craft Designer self led coding tutorial and programmed animals and other creatures in their own version of Minecraft.Our students were already familiar with the hour of code and terms such as coding, programming and debugging, so we started right away with the designer puzzles. Students worked in groups, emphasizing on the importance of team work and collaboration when it comes to programming and problem solving.

  • Coding:means to write code, or to write instructions for a computer.
  • Programming: similarly, means to write code or instructions. We used blocks for that purpose.
  • Debugging: means to check code for mistakes and try to fix errors.
Using a forever loop and adding a sense of randomness to the game.
Programming an object to move towards another.


Our young programmers were very competitive and most groups got to the last stages of the tutorial. Well done Year 6!

Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi