Using the computer to draw in Year 1

For their third UOI, year 1 students worked on the ‘how we organize ourselves’ trans disciplinary theme, under the big idea of transportation.

As the children are developing their mouse control skills, we used Windows Paint to develop that skill further; Paint allows users to pick different drawing tools and plot shapes and lines on the screen.

In integration with the unit of inquiry, Year 1 students used the computer to draw their favorite means of transportation while tackling the following skills:

ICT skills:

  1. Recognize and name the parts of a drawing program.
  2. Use the mouse to draw lines and shapes.
  3. Put shapes together to make pictures.
  4. Fill shapes with color.
  5. Work with text in a graphics program.

ICT skills for inquiry:

  1. Creating.
  2. Becoming responsible digital citizens.

Learning engagement steps

       Filling shapes with color

During the first week, students were able to spot the Paint icon on the task bar and open a new file on their own. They also learned and started using the term ‘canvas’, where they plotted their first shapes and filled them with color.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

       Draw lines and shapes

In the following week, students were more comfortable using the laptop mouse. They practiced on putting lines and shapes together to make a drawing.

       Drawing their favorite means of transportation

Students got very excited for the idea of  drawing their favorite means of transportation. They used shapes, lines, the brush and the fill tool to draw buses, rockets, caravan houses, hot air balloons, cars and more!

        Adding text

Then, it was time for some last touches. Students used the text tool to type a few words onto their drawings.

Well done Year 1! 🙂


**Students’ individual drawings to be uploaded into their respective portfolios on Managebac.
Yours Truly,
Maya H. Hamedi

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