Introducing Lego Education in Year 5

During the past couple of days, Year 5 students spent a wonderful time in the Lego room building and testing a windmill as part of the ‘How The Word Works’ interdisciplinary theme.

Lego education enables children to work as young scientists, engineers, and designers providing them with settings, tools and tasks that promote design technology, science and mathematics.

Throughout this engagement, students were encouraged to involve themselves in real world investigations and problem-solving. They made assumptions and predictions, then observed the behavior of their models; they reflected and re-designed, and then recorded and presented their findings:


Given a real-life problematic situation, students set out to ‘build’ a solution.



Learning is best when hands and minds are engaged. Working in groups, children built models following step-by-step instructions. Two sub-groups, each built half a model using separate booklets (A and B) to create their own subsystems and then collaborated to assemble one complete model.


Using a desk fan and having a worksheet in hand, students first predicted the performance of the windmill in different circumstances: the number of sails used, the speed and direction of the wind and the position of the ratchet. In each situation, students tested the windmill and noted down their findings.

Stay tuned for more!
Maya H. Hamedi