The ever-increasing impact of ICT on teaching and learning is an important consideration in education at all levels. Through ICT, there are greater opportunities for interactive communication and exchange of information through global collaboration, authentic learning, expansion of the learning community and empowerment for all learners.
-The role of ICT in the PYP, June 2011

At Al-Rayan International School, we understand that the future is happening now, and that’s why our goal is to promote 21st century computing skills: programming and controlling the computer, working with and developing multimedia content, searching the web efficiently and responsibly and developing word processing and data handling proficiency.

This blog is dedicated to showing what the children at ARIS – Primary are working on in ICT, hand in hand with the school’s Program of Inquiry. Stay tuned for our latest!

Maya H. Hamedi,
ICT facilitator at Al Rayan International School